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You can easily market your brand on YouTube through videos. Thousands of brands are already doing it. The campaigns that are launched traditionally are also being used on YouTube and vice versa. This multiple use of videos save lot of time and effort. But, you need to carefully update on YouTube because the copyright issues on YouTube are quite strict. YouTube only supports original content.

YouTube Marketing videos can also be monetized and paid promotions can also be done. There are different types of YouTube videos to engage the audiences. You need to create something that your audiences can relate to. Keep your videos niche specific and messages should be targeted. Creating effective YouTube videos is an art and sooner you master it, sooner you can get into YouTube Marketing world. Now, let’s discuss some types of videos to slightly dig into the topic.

Types of marketing videos

With the in hand information about the target audience, their demographics, the strategy to follow, the goals to achieve, next step is to create relevant videos. With this information which type of videos you should or you can create. It is very crucial in online world to keep things relevant and interesting enough that audience get back to you regularly.

Know your niche and know which type of videos you should create for greater impact. Suggestion would be to experiment with videos early in the marketing career and stick to it later to brand mark your name. It will also give information about the which type of marketing videos work for your brand and which will not work for your brand niche.

Here is a brief introduction about the type of YouTube videos that you can create. You can pick up any idea from these to get started with video production.

  1. Listicles

Listicles are very interesting and most basic content creation type that works both for blogs and videos in which things are presented listing wise. The top-to-down or down-to-top approach, both can be used. For instance, Top 10 models in Brazil, Top 20 places to must visit in the world before you die, 10 richest persons in the world etc. One more plus point of listicles is that the list can belong to any niche. It could be educational, sports, entertainment, fashion, science, geography; the categories are really vast.

  1. How-to-do videos

How-to-do video tend is quite successful as it not only markets the product but also educates the audience about the usage of the product. How-to do certain task interests audience and DIY projects are also popular in these how-to-do videos.

  1. Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes videos increases the relatability of the audience with the brands. Audience put more trust in the brands who showcase their struggle and procedures. Any product or service brand can easily gain trust of the audience through these videos. A restaurant may show behind the scenes and may showcase their cooking process. Product based brands can show the production process in factories.

  1. Product Information

Product informational videos are also the simplest in which the product and its usage is showcased through videos. Videos help audience better understand how to use certain features. You may show the case studies of one of the customers to motivate audience to buy your product.

  1. Expert Interviews

Gain the opinion and suggestion of market experts from the industry to increases the trust atmosphere among the users. Audience tend to believe in industrial experts or someone who they value more.

The above mentioned were the options for brand marketing videos, yet there are some other types of videos that other YouTubers use. They include:

  1. Haul Videos

Haul Videos are basically show casing your shopping. Whatever the YouTubers from specific niche buy, they show case their shopping on videos and try it too. If the haul is of clothes, then the YouTuber will wear and share the looks.

  1. Shopping Videos

Shopping videos are videos that are created in malls or local shopping areas to show the shopping process. Shopping videos also helps viewers about what to buy or what not to buy.

  1. Unpacking Videos

Unpacking videos are mostly about the PR packages. The Influencers on YouTube show the unpacking process and share their reviews about the outlook, design and finish of the product. For instance, a mobile unpacking video will include its shape, design, size and specs.

  1. Vlogs

Vlogs are the informal videos about the daily life, some routine or trip to somewhere videos. Vlogs are casual and fun to watch.

  • How-to videos: How-to videos tend to perform very well because they provide a lot of value to the viewer. For example, if you were selling social media software, you could create how-to videos showing your viewers how to get started with Twitter marketing or how to grow your Facebook following. You can look to top performing blog posts for material for these videos, or you can develop a plan for a recurring series. JetBlue has a series of “Flight Etiquette” videos that emphasize how not to travel:

Behind-the-scenes videos: YouTube is a social network – the keyword here being “social.” One of the ways to humanize your brand and show that you’re more than just a product or service is to share some behind-the-scenes videos. For example, Sprout Social has an entire collection of videos with members of their team:

Product videos: Video is a great way to showcase your own products or services. These product videos could walk viewers how to use certain features, highlighting new product updates, or announce new offerings for your business. Mailchimp often publishes videos talking about their productCase studies: Another way you can promote your business and your products or services is to create video case studies of your clients. These case studies don’t need to deal exclusively with your product: they can focus on client origin stories, recent achievements, or plans for the future. Hootsuite publishes videos of their work with different brands:

Interviews: Interviewing well-known experts and influencers from your niche is another good way to attract new viewers. These experts will have their own following, so if they’re promoting the video as well, they can help drive traffic to your YouTube channel.

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