Real Madrid vs Liverpool in Kiev:

The question has been repeated since Real Madrid won the passport to the final . Final of UEFA why in Kiev? The venues of the finals are chosen two years in advance. Do not think that UEFA is waiting for the finalists to be known to designate the farthest city. The decorated Kiev has already been working for the final two years.

The Metropolitan Wanda will give shape to the last game of 2019 and was elected a year ago. In fact, on Thursday afternoon it was announced that Istanbul will host the final of 2020, but as Ceferin pointed out, it would not be strange to see a final of UEFA on another continent soon.

Final of UEFA in Kiev:

The final of Kiev and the next Tallin Supercup are the penultimate legacy of Platini, who in his time as president intended to bring this type of matches to the whole continent, as evidenced by the Euro 2020 with 12 different venues. Ceferin toughened the conditions in the wake of Cardiff’s housing problems twelve months ago.

He wants these parties to be a party and that happens through the ease for the arrival of the fans and to be able to find accommodation in the city in question, extremes that Kiev does not fulfill even though in 2012 it gave shelter to the final of the Euro. Now the requirement has multiplied and is certified on the site and beforehand.

With the change of standard, UEFA requires the organizing committees, the ultimate responsible, certain guarantees, but what can not control is that hotels cancel reservations or multiply by 10 the prices of the rooms.

It blocks some hotels that it distributes between the teams, but it can not do the same with all the hotels in the city, which, as happened in Kiev, passed in Lisbon or Cardiff and will pass in Madrid, they see the occasion to make August in the middle of spring . And if you doubt the price increases, take a tour of Monaco this weekend, with Formula 1.

The choice of Kiev was not successful . The arrival is compiled, as evidenced by the 2,500 entries returned by the teams and that for security can not be sold. There will be gaps in the stands. In addition, yesterday three flights were suspended from LIverpool due to problems in the Kiev airport.

The argument of approaching all the finals falls when the price of the tickets are not within reach of the average salary of, for example, the Ukrainians. They took out for sale 6,700 to 70 euros , for the 300 euros they earn on average.

Local fans will watch the game on the screens enabled in the fan zone, but few in the Olympic.

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    The Match will be memorable game!!!

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