Video Creation Process

Video creation process involves three steps:

Creating engaging and effective videos involves series of steps. They are:

  1. Ideation

The idea that you generate and work on is very important. Generate genuine and thoughtful idea that leaves your audience educated, more knowledgeable and motivated.

Here are few tips how on how to generate good ideas for videos.

Look at the top blog posts of your niche and how well are they working. The type of content in the blog post directs towards the direction of the creation of your video.

  • Do analysis about the posts which get most shares. The most shared content means that is the type of content that viewers want. You can also utilize some tools online to help in generating this information.
  • Sort the results of most likes and shared content on other social media platforms like Facebook. Facebook allows to sort their content (Videos) by number of likes, shares or on engagement rates. You can easily know which content is accelerating and grab a good idea on what to create.
  • Look out for your competitors too. What exactly are they doing and look closely which content is produced by them.
  1. Grab attention

Due to advent of Social Media and a huge amount of content available online, the average attention span of the user has reduced. To grab the interest of the user in that short span is very crucial. Once you maintained the curiosity and interest, you win!

  1. Message

It is very important to give a good message in every video. Do not over complicate the messages, rather keep them simple, easy and understandable for the general audience.

  1. Add transcripts

Social media videos are being watched everywhere; in offices, cafes, during other communication etc. In several cases, users do not want that sound. So, to add captions or transcripts is essential for increased watch time. Overall, it is a good practice to include captions under videos.

  1. View of Videos

You need to experiment with the two views your videos can be made on:

  • Horizontal View
  • Vertical View

Experiment out which type of video perform well in terms of watch time, engagements and likes.

  1. Recording

Now that you have done all the ideation process and decided the do and don’ts of your video; it is the time to record it. Recording is now have become very easy and fun-to-do task due to the simplified gadgets and tools. For video recording you may use your cell phones.

  • Smart Phones for video recording

One of the most powerful video creation tool is in your pocket. Now a days, smart phone provides best audio and visual quality. Stabilize your smart phone on a tripod and start recording. As simple as it sounds. And for voice, just start speaking in the microphone of the mobile device. You can also buy an audio device to further improve sound quality.

Use good lightning

If you are creating video, doesn’t matter for which platform you need to have the best lighting. The important of good lighting should be asked from Make-up gurus and YouTubers. You can get best natural light in the morning when sunshine is out. But be sure to face the light source to get the best light.

Video Background

Choose the best background for your videos. If you are creating videos in a closed space or home, consider creating a background for your videos. A simple and plain colored background works best as it stops audiences from distraction of background noise.

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