Since the departure of the Portuguese, his former colleagues have been dedicated to answer and praise the good time they live without him.

Lucas Vázquez responded to one of Cristiano Ronaldo’s last tweets in a way that for many can be affectionate but does not stop enclosing his dose of irony. After the Portuguese published a photo showing heart and sunbathing on a yacht and the message ‘ Vitamin D’ , the Galician tip of Real Madrid responded with an image with his wife and son with the message ‘ Vitamin Family ‘. Real Madrid to Cristiano Ronaldo

We lose an unbalancing player, but that’s not why we’re going to stop winning “

Real Madrid to Cristiano Ronaldo after his departure - Football news - Football updates - today football

Real Madrid to Cristiano Ronaldo after his departure – Football news – Football updates – today football

Did the message also contain an answer to the phrase of CR7, which at the time said that in Juventus he felt part of a large family ? Only Lucas knows it. The truth is that since he left Real Madrid to seek his fortune in Juve, there are numerous messages that have been launched from the dressing room of the Santiago Bernabéu towards which until only a few months ago he seemed the undisputed leader and untouchable idol of Real Madrid.

Rotundo Sergio Ramos

The white captain has been one of the most resounding . After the award of the UEFA award to Luka Modric as best player last season and the criticism that the decision caused in the environment of Ronaldo (his representative, Jorge Mendes, described as ” ridiculous “), SR4 said: “No I’m going to answer Jorge Mendes; the prize for Modric is super deserved . ” Going further, the camero supported the candidacy of the Croatian for the award The Best awarded by FIFA on September 24 and for which also are nominated Christian and Mo Salah (Liverpool)

Now as a team we play very well. There are people who did not score so many goals and now they are swelling “

“Modric deserves to win The Best , although other players may have more marketing. Luka is one of the few I would be happy to give as if they were giving it to me, “he said. Weeks before he also spoke of the words of CR7 on the ‘family’: ” We have always felt a family here , I do not know where the shots go, I do not know if it speaks of the dome, ” he said.

And about the influence that the progress of Portuguese can have on the team , Ramos has indicated that “with him we lose an unbalancing player , but that is not why we are going to stop winning. No player is above the shield of this club. ”

He is not the only one, Ramos, who has referred to the changes experienced by the team’s game after the crack march. Dani Ceballos , one of those who has more minutes this season, also did it: “We are playing differently, with more possession . And the truth is that this Madrid has a goal: Bale is plugged in, Benzema, Marco … You will not notice the absence of Ronaldo . ”

Isco, of course

Isco also wrote another chapter on this topic: “Now as a team we play very well . There are players that last year did not score so many goals that they are swelling . At the moment, we do not miss it . ” And he ended it with a phrase ‘hunted’ by Cuatro while playing FIFA with Borja Mayoral: “This year I will finally be able to shoot the fouls !”. He did not specify whether in the game or in the field.

Messi generates more football, has a better vision of the pass and finds the spaces “

Dani Carvajal, another of the emblems of Real Madrid, said in an interview at the end of July that “the best player in the history of Real Madrid is Raul”, in case anyone had doubts. And asked by Leo Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, his answer is not wasted: ” Messi generates more football , has a better vision of the pass and finds the spaces. Cristiano is an annihilator, everything is left to mark, besides working and fighting for the shirt. Leo is more calm , is out of controversy … “.

They are, in short, some of the answers that from the interior of the dressing room have been given to the exit of Cristiano Ronaldo. As Marco Asensio said : “We are also a good family”.

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