• Inter coach admitted that his absence makes it “a little easier” and gave “thanks” to Rafinha for helping them play this Champions. Messi

Spalletti With Messi it would be a much stronger Barça - 123 Sports

Spalletti With Messi it would be a much stronger Barça – 123 Sports

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Luciano Spalletti escaped the topic by admitting that Leo Messi’s absence at Barça gave his Inter a better chance of success. “With Messi it would be a much stronger Barça.” said the technician in the press room, despite its nuances: “It is still a great team and has enough solutions, so we must be a high-level. Competitive team that does not play according to the rival, with speech. It will probably be a little easier without Messi, “he said.

To illustrate his opinion on Messi he gave an example. “Leo does four touches in less time than another two touches”. He described, before specifying that “Barça has someone else, not like Leo. But they do very fast things with the ball. Messi is a different player. When you think you’ve seen everything in football he does something else. “

The internist made an effort to transmit passion. “It’s a great opportunity and I’m sure my players are ready”. He said. “The classification will not be mathematical. But it can be a step forward. You have to play with self-esteem and know how to suffer if there are conplications. Our fans have never left us during these years without asking for anything in return. We have that responsibility, “he explained. He finished it off with a more pragmatic reflection. “Adding the three points would be fundamental”. He said, although he admitted that “Barça is one of the most powerful teams in the world and plays at the Camp Nou.”

Spalletti made an aside in his speech to dedicate great praise to Rafinha . Who played on loan at Inter the second half of last year and is now at the club. He did when asked about the possible replacement of Messi for this game. “It’s hard to imagine what Valverde can do, but there’s Rafinha.

Who fills the midfield. I take this opportunity to thank Rafinha for what helped us to play the Champions League this year. It was fundamental. I would very much like him to play even though he believes us to be probolems given his quality. I imagine a 4-3-3, yes”. He said. Spalletti blamed the non-execution of the purchase option that Inter had that “the deadline.”

The coach confirmed that Perisic “left behind his discomfort” and to cover the loss of Nainggolan announced “versatility.” The most surprising thing was his recipe. “It’s the game we’ve been waiting for for years. Neecesitamos the ball the maximum time. Since the Barça manages the game from the ball “, concluded

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