Why you should use Social Media Influencers for your brand

Social Media Influencers are the people on social media with relatively smaller but loyal audience. The impact that influencers create is long term. Users tend to believe in these mid-level active users coined as “Influencers” than the direct paid promotions. Through Influencers, indirectly and subtly the market is targeted.

  • Social Media Influencers bring the 16 times more engagement rates than though paid media or mega influencers as actors etc.
  • Research showed that almost 88% of people agreed that before buying bulk, pricy or any small item they consider online reviews about that product. The Social Media Influencers are surely very influential when it comes to the buying decision of the consumers.
  • Humans are social animals and they tend to have peer pressure. People trust peer recommendations. You may also have experienced it in daily life. People go to the specific store; restaurant or sale that is recommended by the connections they have. Same is the case with online world. People believe and try the suggestions given by the people or influencers they follow.

What possible platforms can you use for Social Media Marketing?

There are four generalized platforms that can be possibly used for marketing.

  1. Social Networking Platforms
  2. Micro-blogging Platforms
  3. Photo Sharing Platforms
  4. Video Sharing Platforms

Now, let’s talk briefly about what apps are there for each type of social platform:

  • Social Networking Platforms:

Social Networking Platforms are most hyped and common. The hype of social media started with these social networking platforms. Social Networking Platforms include apps such as:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Google +
  • Micro-Blogging Platforms:

Micro-Blogging Platforms encourage people to write more. There are also popular Influencers on these Micro-Blogging platforms. Micro-Blogging platforms only allow a specific limit of characters. The apps for Micro-Blogging are:

  1. Twitter
  2. Tumblr
  • Photo Sharing Platforms:

Photo-Sharing Platforms allow users to post and share photos. Some apps for Photo-Sharing type are:

  1. Instagram
  2. Snapchat
  3. Pinterest
  • Video Sharing Platforms:

Video- Sharing Platforms allow user to like, post and share the videos. The video-sharing apps are:

  1. YouTube
  2. Facebook Live
  3. Periscope
  4. Vimeo


What are the benefits of SMI?

  • Social Media Influencers help to grow sales organically through loyal audiences
  • They help to increase fan base for the brand
  • Social Media Influencers initiate trends that provoke audiences to follow on the same lines. Brands can then use that customer generated content for ads
  • Each Social Media Influencer has its own niche and area that he / she is working on. They already have built loyal audiences on those platforms. Brands can reach their target audience better through Social Media Influencers of their category.
  • Use Analytics to see which strategy works for you. Try out different strategies, tool, tips and tricks. Keep on experimenting with the tactics and analyze results for each strategy. Then compare the results found to know which specific post got most reach. You will get to know gradually what does the audiences like.

Tips to get work done with Social Media Influencers

  • When hiring, you should trust Social Media Influencer. You need to respect his creative style and leave the creativity part on Influencer to handle.
  • Find those Influencers who belong to your niche. They will be more pleased to work with your brand.
  • Curate a way that is beneficial for both parties. Do not be selfish in that respect. Give the influencers their part that they deserve.
  • Use Influencers as they are reporting your brand. Do not force them to give the best reviews. Let them use, check and then agree or disagree to the promotions that you are offering.

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