Optimizing YouTube Channel

YouTube is not only a video creation platform but also second most used “search engine” in the whole world. Due to this primary reason, YouTube stands out attractive for new marketers and renowned brands. They find YouTube and active and attractive business tool to earn two-way monetization; through sales and through YouTube itself. The potential that YouTube holds to reach the audience is unmatchable.

Reaching organically to millions of users is quite a difficult task. So, you definitely need to optimize your account to increase the magnitude of your messages. If you are producing quality content with right frequency, and then you go for optimization; your chances to drastic acceleration are doubled. You can reach wider audience and can have reach in millions.

Here the question arises how exactly can you optimize your YouTube account?

How to optimize YouTube Channel?

The ranking of your channel in search results is based on several factors. Some of them are controllable and effort can be put to make them better. Some of the factors are beyond control and count as an impact of well you controlled the controllable factors of your YouTube channel.

Below are some controllable factors to improve your videos ranking in search results:

  1. Keywords

Use targeted keywords and tags in your description box under every video. This will help YouTube know what exact your content is about. And it will consider your video as a result of search.

  1. Channel’s Description

Use your channel’s description box wisely. Add relevant details and use some basic keywords that defines your niche. YouTube uses the information in description box of the channel to segment the video genres.

  1. Video Descriptions

Do some research about keywords. Keep yourself updated about the keywords that are commonly used in your niche. It will help you to know what the audience is looking for. Then use those keywords in the description box of every video that you produce. Add the keywords in as start of the description as you can.


  1. Video Headlines

Put some attractive headlines of the videos. It would be excellent if you add keywords in the headline of your video.

  1. Video Tags

If you are already using keywords, you should also add some really to-the point tags that exactly describe your video. Research about the tags too to find out which tags are most searched and viewed in your niche.

  1. Video Transcript

Using video transcripts give a huge margin to make your video noticeable by search bots. Viewers also prefer videos having transcripts. They may check spellings or it may help to understand video better.

  1. Watch Time

Be very careful about how much lengthy video you are publishing. Keep the videos engaging so that total watch time of your channel increases. Watch time is the total time calculated in hours and minutes in which the videos of your channel have been watched. Watch Time is also responsible for the rating of your YouTube channel.

  1. Thumbnail Image

Remember the tip about attracting the audience? Yes, now is the time to implement it too. Use a catchy, attractive or maybe controversial thumbnail to attract the audiences.

  1. Engagement

Engagement is the number of how much your channel is talked about in terms of likes, dislikes, comments, and shares. Higher number of engagements ensures the top result in searches.

  1. Subscriber Count

Subscriber count is the total number of users that has subscribed to your YouTube channel. Higher subscriber count is also essential in ranking on top on YouTube.

There are also some tools available online that help in SEO of YouTube video marketing.  You can also use that tools to develop SEO for your channel to rank higher in the search results and to gain more subscriber, viewers and watch time.

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