Learned the lesson of the tie against the BIIK of Kazakhstan , Barca has not been surprised by Glasgow City , in the first leg of the Champions League . The Barca team, who have counted on Martens’ last loss , with discomfort in the left foot has not even got to wear short, has left very mentalized and has not given any option to the rival, which has ended by 5 -0. With this triumph, Barça put foot and a half in the quarterfinals of the Women’s Champions.

Three goals in the first half in Champions league:

After a few first minutes of scoring, in which Glasgow City came close to the goal of Sandra Paños , but without much conviction, the club decided to put the direct. The only two changes from the side that thrashed Rayoin the league (9-1) was the presence of Mariona and Andrea Fuentes by Alexia Putellas – author of four goals to Rayo – and Gemma Gili , respectively.

After two announcements from Andressa Alves and Marion a , it was Hamraou i who finally overtook the Barça team in minute 12. The French midfielder made a cut with the left inside the area and with the right placed the ball with a thread over the goalkeeper it’s a thing. As a result of the goal, the azulgrana domino was overwhelming and, little by little, the goals were falling.

In the 26th minute, Patri Guijarro , with a powerful shot from outside the area, sent the ball to the crossbar, but Barça found the prize of the second goal only 12 minutes later. A great internship of Andressa Alves on the left ended in a center inside the area. Mariona let the ball pass and Aitana managed to connect a low and crossed shot to score the 2-0. Shortly before the break, Patri Guijarro, who had joined well from the second line, signed the 3-0 taking advantage of a rejection inside the area – Champions league.

Andressa and Vicky jo

Barca in UEFA Champions League - 123 Sports

Barca in UEFA Champions League – 123 Sports

in the party

After the break, far from being satisfied with the 3-0, the team of Fran Sanchez continued looking for the goal of Glasgow without giving any option to the rival. In minute 68 Andressa Alves counted on the collaboration of the goalkeeper of Glasgow to score the 4-0. The Brazilian fired from outside the area and the goalkeeper did not manage to block the ball when she had everything in her favor. After a carousel of changes by both sides, Vicky Losada scored the final 5-0 with a shot from outside the box. The club puts foot and a half in the quarterfinals of the Champions , waiting for the procedure within two weeks in Glasgow.

Score in Champions league by UEFA:

FC Barcelona, ​​5

Paños, Torrejón, María León, Andrea, Leila, Vicky Losada, Patri Guijarro (Alexia Putellas, 60), Hamraoui, Aitana (Andonova, 75), Mariona (Toni Duggan, 69), Andressa Alves.

Glasgow City, 0

Alexander, Ross, Love, Girasoli, Docherty, Kerr, Crichton, Lauder (Clark, min 74), Grant (Ivanusa, min 63), Howat (Foley, min 46), Kulis


  • 1-0: Hamraoui, min. 12
  • 2-0: Aitana, min. 38
  • 3-0: Patri Guijarro, min. 41
  • 4-0: Andressa Alves, min. 68
  • 5-0: Vicky Losada, min. 81

Referee : Ivana Martincic (Croatia).

Spectators: 1,639 in the Mini Estadi.

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