World Cup 2018

An average just above a penalty for every two games is the striking balance left by the first day of Russian groups 2018, a figure (1.12) whose uniqueness gains notoriety when weighing the influence of video arbitration (VAR) on punitive measures of the World Cup 2018 judges.

The VAR is released in the twenty-first edition of the main international football tournament and its inclusion as an enlightening resource, already established in other sports, has not gone unnoticed by referees or football players who do not hesitate to ask for review of controversial actions.

The Frenchman Antoine Griezmann was the first executor of a maximum penalty decreed after the repetition in video, in the World Cup 2018. He took advantage against Australia, in the duel won by France (2-1).

Already before the superstar Cristiano Ronaldo had raised the curtain of the penalties when punishing to the Spanish David de Gea from the eleven meters, in a decision that did not require revision on the part of the judges.

The scores of French and Portuguese are added to five others scored, in their respective games, by Australia, Croatia, Japan, Tunisia and Sweden, registering a total of seven converted penalties.

Happiness could not be for Argentina when its top figure, Lionel Messi, failed to Iceland, or for Peru, whose midfielder Christian Cueva missed the favor of the VAR and sent a ball to the clouds. They have been the only penalties that did not finish in scoring in the first 16 games.

Counting the penalty scored yesterday by the Egyptian Mohamed Salah (also after the use of the VAR) against the host team, this already by the second date, the figure of ten decreed in just the beginning of the World Championship is close to fourteen in total ( 64 games) in Brazil, four years ago.

It is a scenario that forces the defenses to adapt their mechanisms so that their teams are not on the verge of disadvantage in Russia.

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