The stars of Barcelona and Juventus, have Insurance Policy in case of suffering any inconvenience that cut the race.

Insurance Policy CR7 and Messi:

It may seem strange, unreal. But yes: there are Insurance Policy companies that ensure legs, arms, faces or any part of the body. The only condition to be able to access the service, as explained by the site specialized in, is that ” give us food .”

Insurance Policy of Legs:

That is to say: “For us to have the option of covering our legs with a policy, they must be involved in our professional activity. The reason? That the company needs to quantify the monetary damages in case you suffer an injury or similar. It is one of the requirements for a risk to be insurable “.

Therefore, in the world of football, it is very common for clubs to hire Insurance Policy  to cover themselves in case their big stars suffer injuries that make it impossible for them to play again or take them out of competition for a long time. For example: Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo , who on Saturday will cross again in the Juventus – Barcelona classic , for the League of Spain, have their legs secured.

The legs of Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are insured. Insurance Policy of Soccer Players 123 Sports

But, for how much money were the work tools of the two best players in the world secured? According to the same portal, and with the data updated in 2013, the legs of Cristiano Ronaldo have a compensation policy for 103 million euros . And Leo’s? It may also seem strange, unreal: 50 million , half.

The former player who holds the record for having the most expensive leg insurance in history is David Beckham: 149 million euros . Although that’s not all. The English had, in addition, a policy to take care of his face of 40 million euros . Footballer and model.

The world of football is not the only one that uses this safe type. It is also common for companies to secure legs and faces of models or hands of surgeons, among other cases.

That’s right: “Hand insurances Policy are perhaps more frequent since many professional activities depend exclusively on them; so they can hire them from a chef to a surgeon to a carpenter. The public leg insurances Policy is more limited, “they point in

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