The Classic has left wounds in the locker room of the white team

The Classic has left wounds in the locker room of the white team. Florentino Pérez prepares a revolution in the same winter market. The Classic’s embarrassment will not go on tiptoe. Several players were marked after the defeat against Barça, and some of them already have the cross of the president of the white team.

The first one is Keylor Navas. The Costa Rican takes time in the eye of the hurricane, and after receiving three goals in the Classic has been totally sentenced. The arrival of Kepa is imminent, and it is clear that the Athletic goalkeeper will arrive to be a starter.

Another player with whom Florentino Pérez has lost patience is Karim Benzema. The French striker is still far from his best level, and this season is going completely unnoticed, failing many chances. In the Classic it was no exception. The president of Real Madrid already prepares the checkbook to get another batter to replace the Frenchman.

And the last one is the most surprising:

Marcelo. The Brazilian has a more than discreet season, and Florentino begins to think that the side’s time at Real Madrid is beginning to come to an end. Messi came by his band as he wanted, and this is not the first time this season. The top leader begins to think about a replacement for Marcelo.

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