• The sister of the Portuguese soccer player, Katia Aveiro, used social networks to respond to criticism

Cristiano Ronaldo received the red card in Mestalla during the first match of the Champions League of Juventus of Turin and left the pitch made a sea of ​​tears. His sister Katia Aveiro , overcome by this situation, resorted to social networks to come out in defense of the Portuguese striker and denounce that “they want to destroy my brother”. That is why he received many criticisms, which he has now wanted to answer.

“There are things that I will never understand. Is it abnormal to defend what I believe? In the case of a person who is not your liking, that is not of your family, even if the injustice was public, many in this world do not know what love is and I am going to hit head-on all those who hurt my people, “kicked Katia Aveiro .

The singer continued, “every tear she throws ( Cristano ) is another pain in my heart and, I assure you, my tears will hurt him. I will shout loudly what he creates with my soul (no one is obliged to listen to me). ” “It is a man who respects football like few others, it is shameful that they ask that they do not know what is natural,” he said.

“I will defend mine until the end. If someone has bothered, I’m sorry but the problem is yours. Signed: the most proud sister in the world, “said Katia .

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