Sergei Semak ‘s team after three rounds scored 7 points and heads Group C. There are a lot of options for Zenit to go into the playoffs, and the absence of the leader of the Russian championship in the spring part of European cups ( EUROPA LEAGUE ) will be a real sensation.


– In the case of a victory over Bordeaux in the 4th round, Zenit needs just one point in the two remaining games.

– The victory over the Danes in the 5th round will provide Petersburgers with an exit to the playoffs regardless of the outcome of the games with Bordeaux and Slavia . 10 points in this case will be passing for the “ Zenith ”, even if he, “ Slavia ” and “ Copenhagen ” will gain the same number of points.

– It is enough to score at least one point in a match with Bordeaux in France, and then beat Copenhagen at home . In this case, the game with “ Slavia ” can only affect the determination of the winner of the group.

– The defeat of “ Bordeaux ” will have little effect on the chances of “ Zenith ”. The defining will continue to be a game with “ Copenhagen ”. But for the French, this match is the last opportunity to cling to the playoffs of the Europa League.

To get to the playoffs - Zenith - is enough to beat Copenhagen

To get to the playoffs – Zenith – is enough to beat Copenhagen


” Spartacus “ took just two points in three rounds of the group stage of the Europa League. But the group G is fairly even, and the chances of the red and white before the second round are enough. In addition, two of the three games will be held in Moscow.

– Much for “ Spartacus ” will decide the home game with the “ Rangers ” in the next round. Victory guests make them unattainable for the red and white. Spartak to fight for access to the playoffs will need to beat and “ Rapid ” at home, and “ Villarreal ” – on the road.

– The victory over the Rangers will allow the Russian club to catch up with the Scots, and, perhaps, “ Villarreal ”. If the Spaniards lose to Rapid in the 4th round, the position in the group will be completely confused: the three teams will have 5 points each and the Austrians will have 6 points.

– Goal draw in the 4th round for “ Spartacus ” is equivalent to defeat. Real chances for the playoffs will remain only in the case of victories over the “ Rapid ” and “ Villarreal ”. And then, to leave the group of Spartacus can only with favorable results in parallel matches.

Offensive defeat in the last minutes of the match with “ Standard ” significantly complicated the “ Krasnodar ” exit in the playoffs. Now the three teams of group J have 6 points each, and each of them may be out in the cold.

– The most important for the “bulls” next match with the “ Standard ”. Revenge with a big score can provide an opportunity for Krasnodar to enter the next round. Provided that they beat Akhisar at home , and after the end of the group tournament, if three teams score 12 points each, they will maintain a better goal difference than Standard and Sevilla .

– Draw with the ” Standard ” is beneficial to the Belgians. In this case, the Russian club can not lose points with “ Akhisar ”. And the final game of the group tournament with “ Sevilla ” in Spain will almost certainly become a “match of life”.

– The same applies to the defeat in the next match. However, if the “ Krasnodar ” will arrange a sensation and beat “ Seville ” in a foreign field, the three teams may have the same number of points. Then everything will be decided by additional indicators, and at the moment the favorite in this dispute is Sevilla , and the outsider is Standard

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