DLC – World Cup Russia 2018

There is a lot of talk that they are going to include a paid DLC with the 32 selections with their kits updated for the world cup Russia 2018. Unfortunately everything seems to go that way, there would be no final edition as PES 2016 + Euro 2016 (Asian market) or separate game as FIFA WC 2014.

If everything is given as stated in the rumors, it will be the poorest version of the world’s cups. I hope at least you have the content as such and deserves an edition that comes out every 4 years. (Eliminatory, scenarios and some extra as the way with hunter and some classic way like 98 or 2006 that had extras). Already in the past they entered Euro 2012 as DLC and it was a total fiasco. I hope they do not repeat old mistakes.

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