Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo admits that the suspension to five games with which. He was sanctioned in August upset him at the beginning of the season. But in any case he says; he is not worried about his discreet goal scoring ability. So far in the league and that things are going to change.

Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo said he would like to have “seven children and seven Gold Balls”. After his recent fatherhood and a few months after receiving what would be his fifth award. As best footballer in the world. A figure that would allow him to match the Argentine FC Barcelona Lionel Messi.

Gold Balls CR7

“I want to have seven children and seven Gold Balls,” said Cristiano Ronaldo. Speaking to the French newspaper L’Equipe. The Portuguese father of four. Reviewed the beginning of the course and said he is “happy” despite not being able to score in the league as often as he would like. “It’s not perfect, but hey, I feel pretty good,” said the Portuguese.

“We lost some points in the league championship. But in the Champions League we are fine. But this is only the beginning of the season and there are still a lot of games to play in. We must remain calm but knowing that – obviously. We can do it better, “Ronaldo added.

Cristiano Ronaldo Junior

Cristiano Ronaldo Junior

Asked about his league drought, with a little to his credit, Madeira said that “things will change”. “I’m not worried about this. There are people who look at me like a machine that player who has to score all the time,” added Real Madrid’s ‘7’.

Back to the Golden Ball. which will be delivered next January. Cristiano explained that he knows “how to relativize”. “I’m 32 years old and then 33. Sometimes I’m disappointed by my performance during a game and I tell myself I can do better. But when I get home and I meet my family and friends, everything changes,” he concluded.

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