The beginning of 2018 holds a new round between two of the most prestigious coaches in the world.

Antonio Conte vs. Jose Mourinho

2018 has started in England with a burning mess between two of the most prestigious coaches in the world: Antonio Conte of Chelsea and Jose Moruinho of Manchester United.
The mess began long ago, when Mourinho suggested that those more expressive trainers in the line often see themselves as “clowns”. Much thought that was a dart -one more- against Guardiola, but Conte felt alluded and did not keep the trouble.

“Mourinho is a small man, he already criticized Ranieri for his command of English at the time and then put on a T-shirt in solidarity with him, he is a fake person,” said the Italian.

“I think he (Mourinho) should look at himself in the past, maybe he talked about himself in the past,” he said.
at another time. “I think it’s something, I do not know what it’s called, but I think it’s senile dementia when you do not remember what you were doing in the past.”

As expected, Mou answered in two parts. First, he blamed the press: “I think the press should ask him and me for forgiveness, the question that comes to him is completely wrong and because of that he has a reaction that is out of control, I was asked about my passion and I was talking Then, the question that has been asked of him is as if I had referred to him as if he were a clown. ”

And then, true to form, it was against Conte: “I made mistakes in the past, I know I celebrated goals by running, throwing myself on my knees, jumping with the fans … I know, what I wanted to say is that I control myself more, But that does not mean that my passion is not the same, and I will surely make mistakes in the future, but I do know that they have never suspended me or suspended me for fixing games. ”

The subject even got Conte to suggest the traditional duel to settle the discussion: “Surely when we face Manchester United there will be a good opportunity to clarify the situation in a room, he and I. I’ll be ready, I do not think he’s ready ”

The fight is just beginning and promises future developments. This, surely, is not going to stay like this …

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