In this post, you will find the best websites to  123 Sports Streaming without television that are still open on the Internet. And most importantly, WHAT WORKS!


It is the definitive platform for digital platforms to watch 123 Sports Live Streaming and all football results  . For more than 8 years, it has provided all the games played in Europe and South America, with a quality that is not to blame.

It is also very intuitive and easy to use. Enter the portal and you can see all the matches that were broadcast that day, with their schedules. There are summaries, recorded games and press conferences.

You can watch matches from different leagues, from France to Spain and England. In short, you have everything you want. Most notable is the stability it provides and the quality of its videos and programs. Direct Red is happening here.

123 Sports live streaming by scoring side – Side Score:

Did you know that the 123 Sports by scoring side – Side Score is one of the best 123 Sports LIve streaming soccer sites offered by all the trend games, including Fifa 2018, English league and all national and international football matches ?

In the main menu bar, you will find a specific category dedicated exclusively to football. By clicking on this option, you will find the latest popular games and the option to watch live football .You can register to receive the latest football match updates. And, the most surprising thing is that you do not have to wait for the replay if you missed a game.

As Stream 123  Sports offers free streaming ads, you will always have the best streaming experiences on this site.

Soccer  today on TV Live

This live soccer broadcast site will give you the same live viewing experiences you make with your television. Even with a slow Internet connection, you can watch a football match live with Live TV and see all the football results first division .

In the top menu, you will find the clear option of “transmission”, simply click on it and you will see that all transmissions are live. However, we found that the site is a bit slower compared to other sites, but there is no problem once the transmission started.

This site offers all the great moments of free football live as the program of matches of FIFA, League of Champions, English Premier League, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1, Spanish First Division Italian Serie A, and all major football matches .

Free football live on PirloTV

After Roja Roja, for me, the best option on the Internet. You can have more than 20 channels where you can even enjoy two or three games at the same time. It is very intuitive and rarely hangs.

You can see the matches for free from your tablet or phone because the website can be adapted to all devices. Which is appreciated if you’re not at home and your team is playing.

Watch matches in Pirlo

As in many other transmission platforms, they are subsidized by advertising. You will have to wait a few seconds until it is released. Once you have finished, close the window and … It is gone!

In other categories of the site, you can also watch for free and online: tennis, basketball, golf and many other 123 sports. Although its main attraction is soccer today. As I said before, it is everyone’s responsibility to use it. Your page here.

Online bookmarks in The house of tiki taka

This Spanish platform of excellent reputation, where, for example, you can watch the free Real Madrid and Barcelona matches and all the football results today , as well as other teams from other European and South American leagues.

The chain 1 of La Casa del Tiki Taka always shows the game of the day, so I recommend that it be the first place on this platform where you click to see live football you need.

Liga santander calendario en DirectoTV

Not only is it oriented to football, but you can also watch the most important television channels in the world, including the channels in which they broadcast free football today .

The digital platform is fast and easy, enter, decide and connect to the channel you want to see. As in many others, omit some advertising screens, close them without problems and enjoy the game. Although they have live games, I always recommend using it to watch games offline.

Results football first division in RapiFutbol

Sometimes its chains fail a little, and it is seen with a few minutes of delay, but it is an alternative if other platforms to watch free soccer do not work.

Its use is simple and intuitive and you will be able to consult all the football results today first division. For open items, and that’s how I recommend their use, it works perfectly.

When the links do not fail, the image is good and stable. That’s why I wanted to recommend you on the list. In general, you can use it without problems, enjoy it!

 Live soccer free on Stream-Foot is a new great 123 sports broadcast site that offers to watch live football, rugby, NBA and other sporting events. They offer HD viewing and keep it updated. The site progresses daily.


This digital platform is intended to broadcast matches in France, and you have all the qualifiers for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

In addition to broadcasting soccer matches today free , you can enjoy other high-level 123 sports matches. Such as the games of the NBA, European and Spanish basketball, Formula 1, tennis and the Olympic Games. As in the previous ones, it is easy to use: in the tab Programming, click on it to see a few seconds of advertising and enjoy the game. I recommend its use for open games, like the final of the Copa del Rey.


Watch soccer online for free without cuts VIPBOX

When we talk about the transmission of football sites, it still does not end without mentioning VIPBOX. This site is exclusively dedicated to streaming and offers all the great football matches today.

It offers many options and features to offer the best live soccer experience online without cuts . Some of the highlighted features are the option to select the language, the current updates of the live matches and the current and future game tables.

And, like other streaming sites, VIPBOX also offers to transmit old items at any time thanks to its large database.


Something very important to keep in mind about this platform is that it does not have thousands of ads that jump on the screen and interrupt your enjoyment of the game. Something that is definitely a big differentiator and that makes many prefer it to other websites.

Not only do they broadcast football online for free , but they also broadcast motorcycle racing, boxing, rugby, basketball and other 123  sports. In the list of matches and broadcasts, you can see the football league matches today, such as La Liga and other European leagues.


It is a great place to watch live soccer games for free (recommended). Before it was the famous Sport Lemon TV but they closed it and they opened this television more complete and more stable. Although it is in English, it is very intuitive and you will not have trouble finding what you are looking for.

Besides being simple, it is also very practical, since you can change the language of the comments of the video. With one click and one ad, you can enjoy each game on your computer for free.


Another best place to visit to watch live football broadcasts with the latest game updates.

If you do not like being complicated with many features and want to get a simple interface for Foot streaming sites, then LiveScore is for you. All you need to click on football in the main menu and select the match you want to see live. That’s it, the live broadcast will start without a long registration process or anything.

In addition, on the home page you will find all live stream matches that are active at this time. You can simply choose the soccer game on the home page and start watching.

LiveSports always provides live coverage of matches without an update. Therefore, if you are a football fan, visit this site frequently to see the automatic update of the latest football matches, so you do not miss the games safely.

However, this is a live streaming site, it also offers old video games, everything you need to access the video gallery option, and you can watch recorded videos of all the old games. .


Digital platform specialized in live sports, free and online, I recommend using it to watch games, legally. On the free website, they broadcast different types of sports.

It is a very complete channel and a very important alternative to consider. In my opinion, this is the best content after RED DIRECT. Sometimes the server goes down a little, because in some events, the web breaks down. This usually does not happen, but every now and then there is a complication.


The unique feature of this broadcast site is that you can read the latest news related to sports and football. Regardless of the live football matches, you will receive an automatic notification in the live section, which will help you remember the live matches that are live now.

On the home page, you can see the playback of the matches registered in. In summary, this website contains everything you expect from a live streaming site with an excellent user experience for PC, mobile and tablet.


I have no doubt that this website is the best if you are looking for information, both video and text, about the past of football in your country and in other leagues.

It includes everything related to European leagues, champions or national teams, including the world and European teams.

Give him histories or statistics. Summaries of the most important games are available from one hour after the game is over. It also offers training conferences and post-game comments.

Footy Tube streaming site

It also broadcasts previews. The chronicles are usually very professional and pleasant to read. We can see that they are passionate about football.

EPL Website

If you want to watch the matches of the FIFA World Cup, this is a great option. The streaming player works on several types of devices and is very easy to use.

You can simply click on the game to watch and listen to the broadcast you want a simple way to view the qualifying games, and it’s free, so you do not need to pay or subscribe to any service.

Honda TV

Sling TV is an incredible broadcast service, so it makes sense that it is a good option to watch the FIFA World Cup matches. Sling is an excellent option to watch football today in Streaming  , or almost all sporting events.

It is the most popular service for online television channels because of its high quality and reliability content. In addition, it is compatible with XBOX, Roku, Smart TV, desktop; iPhones. It also offers sports such as the NBA and much more.

Final conclusion see soccer and football results live without television

Definitely this “list of the best places where you can watch football for free , online and live”: this is one of the best selections I’ve seen in my life. Anyway, every week, I will be in contact with them to update them, if there is a new and better one.

Sometimes the government closes them because there is a legal vacuum, so I do not recommend their use, and I only name them for information. If you want to participate and add to the list, do not hesitate to do so, in fact, I have the blog so we can share and collect new and better ideas. Thank you and see you soon in the following messages.

Therefore, these are some of the best football streaming sites today to watch live football matches . Therefore, enjoy Streaming Football and continue to visit our website for useful information. And do not forget to share it.

Watching football live from the best soccer broadcast sites is very entertaining. There are many sites that make Stream Football online (on the Internet) offer the possibility to watch football matches live , so if you do not have time to enjoy the sites of TV TV sport TV are always a good choice for you. Here we have reviewed and filtered 10 best websites Stream Stream and Free Streaming to see different sports competitions in general and football in particular.

There are many people around the world who miss live games simply because they do not have time to sit in front of the television. And, honestly, there is no such technology to entertain you watching live games with recorded repetition.

To make the most of it, watching a live football game is always the best. Anywhere, at any time, everything you need if you choose one of the live soccer match broadcast sites mentioned below, and enjoy sitting anywhere.

One of the favorite activities of people these days is to watch the sports of these major live sports broadcast sites. Therefore, here we will review the 10 best free soccer transmission sites that offer live football matches broadcast ( Live broadcast).

We filter many live sports sites and choose these best streaming sites that broadcast live all national and international football matches. In addition, this article will also cover sites to watch live football for iPad, iPhone, PS4, Android and PC.

We all know that online football , whether free or not, generates many expectations among people. There are many reasons why you may want to watch a free  live soccer game . Among them: that you live in a country where you do not broadcast your team’s matches, because you do not have television at home, etc.

CAUTION: I do not recommend or encourage the use of these pages, I only name them for information. It is everyone’s responsibility to use it. I have no connection with any of them, and it is totally non-profit.

Do you know the best places to watch FREE live football matches?

Often, web links to watch the games are broken, or not all games are shown. You will not understand it in this article. I update it every week to give you 100% quality content.

Although it is true that nothing replaces the feeling of watching a game in the field, with your children, your friends or your partner …. But at home, can you try some beers and much more? There is a difference with television or radio, but it is definitely worth it for me. I recommend using them to watch  live football , always in a legal way.

Another option is to use special soccer applications today as mentioned in this article.

It is true that some media want to close them, for economic reasons. That’s why I want to emphasize that I only name them for informational purposes, without encouraging them to use them illegally. So … why not make a list of broadcast platforms to watch soccer for free?

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